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Étienne Gélinas
Systemic Complexity
Artist: Étienne Gélinas
Exhibition Dates: June 12thth –June 29th, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION: June 12th, 6:00 9:00pm Artist in attendance
Thompson Landry Gallery, Stone Distillery Gallery, 32 Distillery Lane, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4
Pieces can be viewed at
For further information, or to schedule an interview with the artist, please contact us by email: Joanne Thompson at Tel: 416-364-4955
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The Thompson Landry Gallery is proud to welcome Étienne Gélinas, for his second solo exhibition in Toronto. Systemic Complexity is comprised of works from his eagerly anticipated new series which is inspired by the strong dynamics of duality and space, and the unique pictorial poetry formed through use of scientific codes.

Juxtaposition and depth are two critical and founding features of Étienne Gélinas’ work and study. In his latest series Systemic Complexity he focuses on the ambiguity of the pictorial space in his paintings, and expands upon his ability to create opposition though the use of geometrical angles. By imposing both order and allowing for spontaneity in his approach, Gélinas creates powerful contrasts between precision and fluidity.

“My work speaks about different languages,a kind of formal relationship in forms and shapes. I appropriate codes that I collect and make them shine by contrast. For example I use the dripping, not to talk about Pollock, but for the smoothness of the intervention contrast with rigid geometric elements.”

His internationally collected compositions encompass a variety of engaging mathematical equations that visually stimulate both the artistic and analytical sides of our mind. His works often involve architectural designs, mechanical plans as well as other technical and mathematical outlines. Étienne Gélinas builds up each of his composition by intricately forming a collage of floor plans, clothing patterns, and blueprints. He believes that one of the biggest responsibilities of an artist is to explore, experiment and play with as many different mediums and concepts as possible. ‘’The role of the artist is also to create works that speak of something, which speak of the world in which we live, the reality of today’s world, but also advance our knowledge and understanding of practical art .”

Étienne Gélinas draws his inspiration for his pieces from many sources, including personal life, conversations and areas of research. The title of his 2014 series Systemic Complexity is inspired by a book he read in 2013 titled “Intelligence of Complexity”, written by French sociologists Edgar Morin and Jean-Louis Lemoigne. The themes within this book, consist of observations of how the world of science has changed since the time of Plato; becoming more singular and specialized. In the days of Plato, a good scientist was an insider of several disciplines, including theology and philosophy, which allowed them to be more ethical when it came time to advance their knowledge in their discipline. This area of research was crucial to Étienne Gélinas, as it served as the starting point for this body of work.

In Systemic Complexity we are beginning to see an evolution in Étienne’s compositions, to something more eccentric and refined. His compositions are no longer contained, using more free and open space. The artist’s relationship between the composition and the negative space is also more assertive; the off-centre compositions accentuate and create an effect of elements coexisting in a common universe. The play of contrasts between matte and gloss, texture and smoothness on the surfaces, adds another exciting and unexpected element to Gélinas works.

“Pictorial poetry is generated by the tension between the artistic and scientific references in the works. This duality causes an emotion that is subjective and specific to each viewer, which is the main motivation behind this exploration.”


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